Modular Design

Modular Design Crane

  • Configuration and Offer

    Regarding the crane inquiries for all kinds of industrial facilities, high-quality and optimal crane components are determined to your process in order to provide a long-term reliable service. Thus, the crane components are selected conveniently and defined the components’ features with details when the cost-effective offer is presented to the customers.

  • Order and Manufacture

    The offer which is confirmed by the customer, is quickly proceed to the order in the system.
    After the order is designed by the project department, it directly proceeds to manufacture stage. The high-quality crane components are manufactured with the high-tech manufacturing processes of CMAK. The completed crane components are tested rigorously together with performing quality checks in detail, before the products are ready for the delivery.

  • Delivery and Aftersale Support

    The delivery schedule carefully followed, which is stated in the offer at configuration stage. After the delivery, if desired, supervision for the installation of the cranes can be done by CMAK’s supervisors. Our aftersale support is ready 24/7 to delivery any spares to anywhere around the world in less than 3 business days, thanks to large stocks of spares we have.

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